• Alexey Mutovkin
    CEO and Co-founder

    10 years in the internet industry. Last 3 years absorbed by game development. Dream to create games and run your business from childhood.

  • Alexander Titov
    CTO and Co-founder

    Has a significant experience of flash development. Alexander is adept of bootstrapping and lean startup. He is regular speaker on various game conferences.

  • Konstantin Voytenko
    Backend Developer

    C++/C#/PHP developer. A software engineer who creates reliable solutions out of the impossible challenges. Aims to develop strong Java-based enterprise solutions.

  • Nikita Verkhovin
    Backend Developer

    Gamer who loves in games blood, violence and crazy action. Also good backend developer.

  • Evgeny Negin
    ActionScript Developer

    Gamer whose passion to play the games became in a passion to create games

  • Sergey Bachurin
    ActionScript Developer

    Developer who has a great desire to make games and play in result of his work

  • Artem Pisklov
    ActionScript Developer

    ActionScript/PHP/C++ developer. Likes to develop good games for good gamers.

  • Vladimir Rekshta
    System Administrator

    More than 6 years administers backend systems including highload.